father, lean development guardian, java enthusiast, scuba diver, biker, hands-on solution architect

I have been born and grown up in Lübeck in 1969. I moved to Berlin for studies at Berlin University of Technology. In Berlin I met my wife Monika. Since 2003 we live in Teltow.

I have a master of computer science since 1996 and work as a software architect and lead developer. I like lean development in an agile environment. I prefer Java and JVM based languages and the Spring Framework. I am a software craftsman with an ambition for continuous deployment. Currently I am supporting GoEuro as a Tech Lead.


Der Einstieg in UNIX (UNIXeasy)

Hanser Fachbuch, 2. Auflage (2000), ISBN 3-446-21317-1, 185 Seiten (PDF)

Entwurf und Implementierung einer grafischen Benutzungsschnittstelle für Fluglotsen als Komponente eines Flugsicherungssimulationssystems

Diplomarbeit am Fachgebiet Flugführung und Luftverkehr der Technische Universität Berlin (1996), 55 Seiten (PDF)

Diergo Easy CSV Streamable (decs)

This Java library supports parsing and generation of comma separated value (csv) data as defined in RFC 4180 (GithubSources).